Space Odyssey [Compilation, 2014] WAV

9.90 $


01.Solarsoul & Nimanty — The Starry Sky [Original Space Ambient Mix]
02.Solarsoul — A Star Is Born [Original Mix]
03.Solarsoul — Beautiful World [Original Ambient Mix]
04.Solarsoul feat. Kristin Amarie — Magellanic Clouds [Original Ambient Dub Mix]
05.Solarsoul & Artissound — New Beginning [Original Ambient Mix]
06.Solarsoul — About Eternal Wandering and About the Earth [Memory of Ray Bradbury]
07.Solarsoul — We Are Not Alone In The Universe [Rework 2013]
08.Solarsoul — Mysterious Universe [Original Mix]
09.Solarsoul & Echo-ES — Polaris [Original Mix]
10.Solarsoul & Nimanty — Discovery Of The Universe [Original Space Mix]

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