Defying Gravity [Album, 2013] [+Bonus Tracks] WAV

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01. A Star Is Born [Original Mix]
02. About Eternal Wandering and About the Earth [Memory of Ray Bradbury]
03. Magellanic Clouds [Feat. Kristin Amarie Original Ambient Dub Mix]
04. The Starry Sky [Feat. Nimanty Original Space Ambient Mix]
05. There, Where We Will Meet Again [Original Mix]
06. Defying Gravity [Feat. Ted Irens Original Ambient Space Mix]
07. Metamorphosis of the Mind [Hypnosis Original Mix]
08. The Goldilocks Zone [Original Mix]
09. Midnight [Original Ambient Mix]


01. Blurring the Boundaries [Original Ambient Mix]
02. UDFy-38135539 [13 Billion Light Years From Earth]
03. Contemplation [Feat. U.O.K. Original Ambient Breaks Mix]
04. Heavenly Berth [Original Ambient Space Mix]
05. Defying Gravity [Feat. Ted Irens Nale Remix]
06. Light Memory [I Remember] [Original Piano Ambient Mix]
07. Dream Stalker [Original Ambient mix] Bonus track
08. Merger [Original Ambient Sleep Mix] Bonus track
09. Mysterious Universe [Original Mix] Bonus track
10. Abyss [Original Mix] Bonus track
11. Thinking About The Eternal [Original Mix] Bonus track
12. Each Night I Dream of Home [Original Mix] Bonus track
13. Yuri Gagarin — Pioneer In Space [Feat. Ted Irens Original Mix]

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